WOCAD inspires girl group leaders in Iceland!

On 7-10 November Britt Fredenman, project leader of BellaNet, will travel to Iceland invited by the Icelandic NGO Blatt Afram. She will meet 30 girl group leaders and introduce BellaNet International and inspire them in the interactive method material "Bella Rubble and Roses 2" (KSAN/K.Byréus, 2001, 2006). The participants come from NGOs, schools, youth centers or work with drug prevention.

The Icelandic girl group leaders will be offered membership in WOCAD’s project BellaNet – the network for girl group leaders. BellaNet offers them experience, knowledge and a network, so that they can be strengthened in their work with girl groups.

WOCAD’s drug preventative work with girls and young women in focus, BellaNet, was recognized 2009 by the EU Commission as an EAD-activity (European Action on Drugs). The EAD objective is to enhance information and awareneness levels about the risks of drug use among youth. EAD embraces NGOs, local and national bodies, individuals, schools, universitites, companies etc.

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