KSAN till NordANs konferens i Tallinn 28-29 oktober

"Alcohol across borders" är temat för årets konferens i Tallinn anordnad av NordAN där KSAN var med och grundade kvinnosektionen. Kanslichef Leena Haraké modererar kvinnoseminariet för elfte gången och med sig från styrelsen har hon Mildred Hedberg, Marianne Johansson, Sabrina Sandhu samt ordförande Maj-Inger Klingvall.

  1. Women's section (28 october 2017)
Chair: Leena Haraké, KSAN/WOCAD Sweden

Introduction of two projects run by KSAN in cooperation with Naistenkartano, Blatt Afram and Retretten

- Nordic Girls Rights (funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers)  and

- New Sober Norms in Norden (funded by SAFF Stiftelsen Ansvar för Framtiden)

15.45 Discussion about how the participating NGO´s and entities face the situation when Alcohol and other Drugs are targeted, marketed and made available in ways, forms and quantities we have never seen before.  What does it mean for drug preventive gender-specific prevention work and policies and what is needed for a successful approach gaining approval both locally and globally?

Leena Haraké, KSAN,  Helena Palojärvi, Naistenkartano r.y  and Rita Nielsen, Retretten,  Sigridur Björnsdottir, Blatt Afram via Skype,  lead the discussion.

16.30 Closing remarks

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