BellaNet/WOCAD in Iceland 28th of September

Interactive leadership for gender specific drug prevention work.

Arranged by WOCAD in cooperation with Sigríður Björnsdóttir, Blátt áfram, Iceland

Within the framework of the Nordic projects “Full Rights for Girls in the Nordic Countries” funded by Nordic Council of Ministers and “New Sober Standards in the Nordic Countries” funded by Foundation of Responsibility for the Future.

WOCAD strengthen professionally active young people to stand up for themselves and stay strong against bullying, harassment, insult and violence of young women and girls, to stimulate interactive gender specific drug preventive work since exposedness often lead to mental illness, early self-medication and addiction.

The education gives knowledge, methods and ideas to an interactive leadership
with the challenges there are today, for a successful drug preventive work.

Seminar leader: Britt Fredenman, WOCAD, Sweden and Guðrún Helga Bjarnadóttir, Blátt áfram, Iceland.

Result: 14 new girls group leaders who will have 30 girls groups in the next year, which is about 450 girls!

Island sep 2017 Britt o Blatt afram

Island sep 2017 Gruppbild

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